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How to Become a Cyclo Montagnard

To become a Cyclo Montagnard, you complete one of the following challenging rides within the time limits, or design and complete a new challenge. Writing a report of your ride is part of the requirement. It serves both to document your ride and to inspire other riders.

Guidelines for appropriate challenges are:

The ride should be challenging for an experienced and fit randonneur – roughly the same degree of difficulty as completing Paris-Brest-Paris in "Charly Miller time." The Charly Miller time is 56:40 for the 1200 hilly kilometres of Paris-Brest-Paris. Such a pace is achieved by about 3% of randonneurs in PBP.

The ride should be at least 22 hours long.

The course should be simple to describe, thereby inspiring cyclists to attempt the challenge. Examples are "four highest passes" or an out-and-back to a notable location. Triangle courses are even better because they avoid riding the same roads both ways. Roads cannot be used twice in the same direction.

The course should include some of the finest cycling roads in the region.

When determining how much time to allocate to the challenge, it is useful to look at the best times from brevets that might have used the route. The idea is to come up with a time that puts it on par with Charly Miller time at PBP.


Washington State Challenge 1
Seattle - Windy Ridge (Mt. St. Helens) - Sunrise (Mt. Rainier) - Seattle

This challenge harks back to the early days of randonneuring: Link Seattle with Windy Ridge on Mt. St. Helens and Sunrise on Mt. Rainier in less than 24 hours! The route can be chosen freely. Depending on the course you choose, this ride is about 530 kilometers long. You will climb (and descend) three mountain passes, and enjoy some of the most spectacular roads of Washington State. Read a report from this challenge!

Washington State Challenge 2
600 km Permanent under 29 hours

The mountainous 600 km Fall Brevet 2009 of the Seattle International Randonneurs now is available as a Permanent with the addition of the climb to Sunrise. This is one of the most scenic and challenging courses in the Pacific Northwest, with climbs up Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens and twice crossing the Cascade Range. Time limit: 29 hours. Read a report from this challenge!

Colorado Challenge 1
Fort Collins - Mt. Evans via Estes Park and Ward

A true mountain challenge (click here for route). The distance is "only" about 450 km, but riders will climb above 14,000 feet! Time limit is 28 hours. Read a report from this challenge!

Colorado Challenge 2

A challenging ride taking in some of the highest passes of the Rockies. Starts and ends in Golden, via Loveland, Fremont Pass, Independence Pass, Aspen, Cottonwood Pass (gravel), Eagle/Vail back to Golden. About 570 km, 27 hour time limit. Be the first team to complete this challenge!

More to Come!

If you plan to attempt one of these ride, please contact the Cyclos Montagnards for specific rules.

To suggest a challenge near you that is suited for the Cyclos Montagnards, please contact us.


Cyclos Montagnards rides are not races - we are looking for complete cyclists who not only ride hard, but also find their way and plan their provisions along the way.

To become a Cyclo Montagnard, you need to complete one of the challenges within the time limits. Please contact us before you set out on your challenge, so we can provide you with the exact rules and assure verification of your ride. (You don't have to be a randonneur or member of any cycling organization.)

Up to five riders may team up for Cyclos Montagnards challenges. Outside help is not permitted, neither from support cars nor from other riders. Riders in a group may work together, but they may not obtain drafts or other assistance from other riders who are not part of the group. No stashing of gear or supplies is permitted (except by the participants during "out-and-back" parts of the ride). All riders in a group must finish together to qualify. (No using "rabbits" who tow you for a good part of the way before dropping back.)

Any vehicle may be used for our events, provided it is powered by human power alone. This includes bicycles, trikes, recumbents, tandems, HPVs, etc.

Cyclos Montagnards are unsupported and use minimal technology. As much as possible, they rely on muscle and brain power to complete their cycling exploits. We discourage global position systems (GPS) and encourage riders to rely on traditional navigation tools, such as route sheets and maps. Battery-powered lighting is allowed, but we encourage riders to power all essential functions of their bikes (including the lights) with their own muscle power. Battery power to the drivetrain is not permitted.

Cyclos Montagnards challenges are not organized events. Every rider rides on their own, at their own risk, and with their own responsibility toward safety and adherence to local laws and regulations.


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