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The R80/R70/R60 honors present a series of advanced goals for experienced randonneurs who want to take their riding to the next level.

The R80 honor requires completion of a brevet series (200, 300, 400 and 600 km) with each brevet completed in 80% or less of the maximum allowed time limit. The R70 and R60 honors are for those who complete the brevets in 70% or 60% of the allowed time, respectively.

The time limits are:

200 km: 10:48 hours
300 km: 16:00 hours
400 km: 21:36 hours
600 km: 32:00 hours

200 km: 9:27 hours
300 km: 14:00 hours
400 km: 18:54 hours
600 km: 28:00 hours

200 km: 8:06 hours
300 km: 12:00 hours
400 km: 16:12 hours
600 km: 24:00 hours

Any number of randonneurs can obtain the honors. This encourages teamwork toward a common goal, rather than competition between individual riders.

Any North American randonneur can obtain these honors by riding in ACP-sanctioned brevets, starting in 2009. Brevets prior to 2009 do not apply to the R80/R70/R60 Challenge. Riders may use brevets from 2 consecutive years to qualify. To be recognized, simply e-mail us proof of completion of the rides. These can be posted results on your club's web site or scans of ACP-validated brevet cards.

The same brevets can be used first to qualify for R80 or R70, and later "upgrade" to R70 or R60. (Example: If a rider completes the R70 requirements on the 200, 300 and 400 km brevets, but only the R80 requirements on the 600 km brevet, they qualify for the R80 honors now, and can upgrade to the R70 if they complete a 600 km brevet within the R70 time limit within two years.)

Only RUSA/ACP rules apply to the R80/R70/R60 honors. (The Cyclos Montagnards lighting rules apply only to Cyclos Montagnards Challenges.)


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