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Cyclos Montagnards Challenges


Each Cyclos Montagnards Challenge attempt is documented in a ride report, which serves both to add proof that you have completed your ride and to inspire other riders. Click on the links to read the reports.

Colorado Challenge 1, July 2010. Will deRosset.

Washington State Challenge 1, July 20-21, 2009. Mark Vande Kamp, Jan Heine, Ryan Hamilton.

Washington State Challenge 2 , September 11-13, 2009. Jan Heine

Flèche Challenges

The Flèche Challenge encourages Flèche teams to design a course over backroads away from traffic and modern urban areas, and see how far they can ride in 24 hours, in the original spirit of the Flèche Vélocio.

Flèche Northwest, April 2011, Robert Higdon, Christopher Gay, Dylan Carney, Joshua Bryant.