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The R80 honor requires completion of a brevet series (200, 300, 400 and 600 km) with each brevet completed in 80% or less of the maximum allowed time limit. The R70 and R60 honors are for those who complete the brevets in 70% or 60% of the allowed time, respectively. For the exact time limits and rules, click here.

Congratulations to these exceptional riders who have completed these honors!

R60 Honor Recipients

Bernasky, Ed (Florida, 2015)
Burnett, Peter (San Diego, CA, 2010)
Fairles, Russ (San Francisco, CA/Davis, CA, 2010)
Franz, Ryan (Colorado, 2011)
Frey, Steve (Seattle, 2015)
Golbeck, Ryan
(British Columbia, Seattle, 2011-2012)
Hands, Ian (Raleigh, NC, 2015 – fixed gear!)
Heine, Jan (Seattle, WA, 2011; Seattle, 2015)
Herlihy, Patrick (San Francisco, CA, 2014)
Lowe, Mark (Colorado, 2012; Colorado, 2011)
McKenzie, Paul (Santa Rosa, CA/Davis, CA, 2014)
Morrissey, Peter (San Francisco, CA/Davis, CA, 2010)
Pile, Christopher (New England/Northeast, 2010)
Poletto, Max (San Francisco, CA/Davis, CA, 2010; San Francisco/Davis, CA, 2014; Davis/Santa Rosa/Fresno/San Luis Obispo, 2015)
Ragsdale, Chris (Seattle, 2011)
Roy, Matt (Boston, MA/Westfield, MA, 2010)
Schroer, Sarah (Davis/Santa Rosa, CA, 2014)
Schultz, Wade (Seattle, WA, 2015)
Taaffe, Damon (D.C. region, 2016 - 2017)
Wolfe, Michael (Seattle/Oregon, 2012)

R70 Honor Recipients

Budvytis, Gintautas (San Francisco, CA, 2010)
Cox, Greg (Seattle, 2010-2011)
Dean, Gary (DC Randonneurs, 2010)
Dixon, Emma (San Francisco Randonneurs, 2014, tandem)
Dixon, Jonathan (San Francisco Randonneurs, 2014, tandem)
Elias, Bob (Iowa/Minnesota, 2011)
Erickson, Jeff
(DC Randonneurs, 2010-2011)
Fairles, Russ
(San Francisco, CA, 2010)
Frey, Steve (Seattle, 2013)
Heine, Jan
(Seattle, 2010)
Hoff, Peter (Colorado, 2010)
Johnston, Chad (Victoria, B.C., 2015)
Kruse, Taylor (Ohio Randonneurs, 2011-2012)
Lyon, Melinda (New England Randonneurs, 2011)
McKee, James (Seattle, 2010-2011; Seattle 2012; Seattle 2013-2014)
Oswald, John (British Columbia, 2012-2013)
Person, Ed (British Columbia, 2013-2014)
Peskett, Roger (Arizona, 2011)
Poletto, Max (San Francisco, CA/Davis, CA, 2009)
Roffe, Theo (Seattle, Oregon, 2013)
Stum, Richard (Utah/Arizona, 2010)
Sturgill, Mike (Arizona/San Diego, CA, 2009)
Swain, George (New England, 2010)
Verheul, Jim (Pacific Coast Highway Randonneurs, CA, 2009)
Walsh, James (Portland/Seattle, 2013)
Welsh, Rob (Minnesota/Arizona, 2010)
Wolfe, Michael (Oregon, 2014)

R80 Honor Recipients

Biebuyck, Gavin (Pennsylvania, 2012)
Carney, Dylan (Seattle/Oregon, 2011)
Chin-Hong, Patrick (New Jersey Randonneurs, 2013-2014)
Courtier, Patrice (Santa Cruz, 2010)
Crixell, Joshua (Texas, 2014)
Cullum, Chris (British Columbia, 2011)
Elias, Bob (Minnesota, 2011)
Frey, Steve (Washington State, 2009)
Gay, Christopher (Seattle/Oregon, 2011)
Hawks, Rob (San Francisco Randonneurs, 2010)
Higdon, Robert (Seattle/Oregon, 2011)
Levitt, Jon (New Jersey, 2013-2014)
McKay, Ryan (California, 2010-2011)
Nilsson, Erik
(Seattle, 2011)
Pearch, John (Seattle, 2014)
Pustow, Bill (Louisville, 2011-2012)
Rougeux, Mark
(Louisville/St. Louis, 2012)
Salazar, Juan PLC
(New York State/Eastern Pennsylvania, 2009)
Thompson, Karen (Santa Rosa, CA, 2010)
Whiddon, Benjamin (Seattle/Oregon, 2011)

Zawodniak, Len
(New Jersey Randonneurs, 2010)

Below are some of the R80/R70/R60 honor recipients. Thank you for sending your photos!